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Who we Serve

For individuals and couples who are serious about living a life that aligns with their authentic values and genuine shared vision, Rylee teaches an abundance mindset by expanding perspectives of what is truly possible through lifestyle design and wealth building with actionable strategies to transform lives.

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85. Elevating The Human Experience Through Real Estate & Game-Changing Life Advice with Rylee Knox

85. Elevating The Human Experience Through Real Estate & Game-Changing Life Advice with Rylee Knox

In this week’s episode of the KCREatingwealth Podcast, I had an absolutely exceptional chat with a remarkable guest! This week’s guest on the podcast has an unbelievable story. Rylee has experienced so many challenges in life both good and bad at a very young age so far, and has prospered into a financially free investor that is inspiration at the very least. His “why” for real estate is one of the most powerful reasons I have ever heard. Please listen to this episode the whole way through, Rylee teaches so much next level advice that is worth its weight in gold. In this episode we chat about Rylee and his wife’s story, a few of the very creative real estate deals that they have done that has propelled them into their big picture visions, elevating the human experience with real estate, and so much more! Check him out here! Facebook: Rylee Knox Email: Follow me on social! Instagram: @Kylecurtinrealestate , @KCREatingwealth Facebook: @Kylecurtinrealestate Linkedin: Kyle Curtin Biggerpockets: Kyle Curtin What equipment do I use? Blue Snowball Usb Microphone (Brushed Aluminum)- EJT Upgraded Microphone Pop Filter- Music: Straight Through by Groove Bakery | Music promoted by Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-ND 4.0) DISCLAIMER: I or any guests being interviewed on “The KCREatingwealth Podcast” are not responsible for any investment decisions that you make or capital losses incurred. We are not licensed tax professionals or any form of wealth advisors unless particular guest happens to be as such, and all investment decisions should not be made without receiving advice from a licensed professional.


Rylee teaches wealth building strategies for those looking to align their finances and values

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Tactical strateges to build and grow your wealth portfolio. Whether you have thousands to invest or are just starting out, Rylee takes you through the whole process.

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Put together actionable plans to reach your financial goals with realistic and ambitious timelines. Develop 1,3,5 and 10 year timelines for your future.

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Once you know what to do, get support on how you can do it. Rylee helps you plan each step while staying in alignment with your values.

About us 

Rylee started investing and saving to reach today where he now owns and operates an investment portfolio of over 50 units.

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I was getting advice from Rylee before he turned it into a professional endeavor. Whenever he has a spare minute he would use it to help me through something that had me stumped. He helped me define my path and the small steps in between, there is really nothing like having a mentor you can trust and you'll find that in Rylee.

Patrick M.

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